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Canberra Trampoline Gymnastics Club (CTGC) has classes for all levels of ability and caters for athletes from 7 years of age. The below applies to kids classes (ages 7 - 17 years of age). If you are after adults classes (17+ years of age) please see here.

Kids classes are organised according to age. When an athlete enrols they will be placed into a class according to their age. For example, recreational classes are roughly divided into classes for 7-10 year olds and 10+ year olds (there may be some variation in age based on the current enrolments for that session).

Information on all our kids classes is below. We normally recommend that new trampolinists start with recreational classes. If the trampolinist likes recreational classes and wants to take their trampolining to the next level they can ask to be assessed to move into our Development or Competition Squads.


We offer one-off paid ($20.00) trials for all new members. To book a trial class please see here.

Recreational Classes

Recreational Classes


CTGC recreational classes are "just for fun classes". They teach skills on both trampoline and double mini trampoline and are all about friendship, fun and learning new skills. CTGC recreational trampolinists learn how to jump higher, sault, twist and land safely and progress through the ten trampoline levels at their own pace. CTGC recreational classes cater for trampolinists from seven years of age and for all levels of ability.


Sessions run from 4:30pm - 5:45pm and from 5:45pm – 7:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in line with the ACT public school terms. Recreational trampolinists can attend one or two sessions per week and also have the option of attending holiday classes.

Development Squad

Development Squad


Recreational trampolinists who love trampolining, push themselves in training and acquire skills quickly may be invited to join the CTGC Development Squad*. The CTGC Development Squad is for those trampolinists who want to progress faster in their skill acquisition and gain some competition experience but aren’t ready to take on the demands of training in the CTGC Competition Squad.

The CTGC Development Squad trains two nights a week (Monday/Tuesday, Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday from 4:30pm - 6:00pm or from 5:45pm – 7:15pm) in line with the ACT public school terms. Development Squad members have the option of attending holiday training during the school holidays (please note: additional fees apply to attend holiday training) and attending the two annual ACT Trampoline Competitions (both held in March) and the National Clubs Carnival Competition (held in September).


* Recreational trampolinists who are interested in joining the Development Squad can ask the Club Manager or Head Coach to assess them for squad suitability.

Competition Squad
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Competition Squads


CTGC competitive trampoline classes are all about complex skill acquisition, perfecting routines and competing in competitions. CTGC Competition Squad trampolinists compete in ACT, National and International events. CTGC is the only trampoline club in the ACT with a trampoline squad that competes in nationally recognised competitions.

CTGC Competition Squad trampolinists train on both trampoline and double mini trampoline and progress through the ten trampoline levels based on age (for example: Under 13 – Level 5, Under 17 - Level 6). Development Squad trampolinists who demonstrate the necessary physical attributes as well as the determination to ‘train hard’ are selected to join the CTGC Competition Squad.

The CTGC Competition Squad is divided into the Junior Competition Squad (ages 8-15 and Level 4-6) and the Senior Competition Squad (ages 13+ and Levels 5+).


CTGC Competition Squad members train three nights a week for 50 weeks of the year (they have two weeks off over Christmas).

The CTGC Competition Squad attends, at minimum, 4 competitions per year (two ACT competitions in March, NSW State Championships in April and the National Clubs Carnival in September). CTGC Competition Squad athletes are aiming to qualify for the Australian Gymnastics Championships (Nationals), positions on the Australian Squads and to represent Australia at International Events.

Important Information TC



What to Wear:

  • Trampoline athletes should wear comfortable, stretchy clothes with no zips etc. that could be caught in the trampoline bed.

  • Socks must be worn while on the trampolines (normal socks and grippy socks are both fine).

  • All jewellery/watches etc. must be removed prior to class.

  • Trampoline athletes do get hot while training so layers are a good option in winter.

  • New trampoline athletes may wish to bring a long sleeved top with them, even in summer, to put on while learning front landings (long sleeved tops provide protection against scratched elbows).


What to Bring:

  • All trampoline athletes are required to bring socks and a water bottle to training.

Class Size:

  • Trampolining classes have a normal maximum ratio of one coach to six trampolinists (occasionally classes may increase to a ratio of one coach to seven trampolinists to accommodate trampolinists attending make-up classes).

Illness or Injury:

  • Any athlete who is unwell is required to stay home. Any injury should be discussed with the Club Manager or Head Coach prior to training so that a modified program can be implemented. 

  • All athletes and spectators are required to follow CTGC's "Return to Play in a COVID Safe Environment Plan" available here.

  • The Club Manager/Head Coach can be contacted at


Safety First:

  • The safety and well-being of every member will always be our first priority. Any issues that arise will be communicated and addressed in a timely manner. We reserve the right to remove any participant from the program if their behaviour is unsafe. ​

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