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Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline Gymnastics is the perfect sport for bold high-flyers or for those who want to learn how to jump, sault and twist safely. Whether you bounce on the trampoline or launch yourself from the double mini trampoline the fundamental skills are the same and lead to an amazing awareness of where your body is in space.

Trampoline Gymnastics:

  • Develops confident body movement, both on and off the ground

  • Builds strength and prepares the body for challenges in life

  • Challenges the mind and body to reach new goals

  • Develops posture and agility, including the ability to land safely

  • Is a fun way to develop incredible spatial awareness

  • Improves co-ordination, strength, balance and flexibility

  • Is inclusive of all levels of fitness, ability and capability


Once you’ve learnt the basics, the fundamental skills can be refined and combined to create exciting routines with multiple twists and rotations in every jump and you can keep developing your skills for fun and fitness or challenge yourself through competitions from local to national and all the way to international events.

Trampoline Classes at CTGC


Canberra Trampoline Gymnastics Club (CTGC) is the only Gymnastics Club in Canberra to offer all levels of Trampoline Gymnastics from Level 1 through to Senior International level. All trampoline classes at CTGC are taken by experienced coaches who are accredited through courses designed by Gymnastics Australia and which are approved by the Australian Sports Commission. All CTGC trampoline classes are overseen by the Head Coach who holds a FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) Level 3 trampoline coaching accreditation and the Club Manager who holds a FIG Level 2 trampoline coaching accreditation. A FIG Level coaching accreditation is the highest possible trampoline coaching accreditation and CTGC is the only club in Canberra to have FIG Level accredited trampoline coaches.

CTGC trampolinists progress through a ten level program (the Trampoline Gymnastics Australian Levels Program) in both individual trampoline and double mini trampoline. CTGC trampolinists learn a multitude of trampoline and double mini trampoline skills including the following.

Beginner Skills
(Levels 1-3)

  • Seat landing

  • Front landing

  • Back landing

  • Swivel hips

  • Back landing ½ twist to feet

  • ½ twist to front landing

Intermediate Skills
(Levels 4-5)

  • ¾ front sault

  • ¾ back sault

  • Front sault

  • Back sault

  • Barani (front sault ½ twist)

  • Back sault/barani combos

Advanced Skills
(Levels 5-6)

  • Ballout (1¼ front sault from back landing)

  • Back cody (1¼ back sault from front landing)

  • Back full

  • Rudi (front sault 1½ twist)

  • Back full/rudi combos

Advanced+ Skills
(Levels 6–10 & International)

* Competition Squad Only *

  • Double saults

  • Multiple twisting double saults

  • Triple saults

  • Multiple twisting triple saults

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